Wednesday, April 20, 2011

4/20 Exclusive

Follow my instructions wit this one and 'Roll up, roll up, light up, light up, SMOKE!'

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jack Daniels nights

Friday nights in Hollywood, CA. Never know what randomness may occur. Chillin' watchin Coachella from live stream, drinkin Jack&Coke wit a few cool people. Me and my homie from the CO Nate decided to lay a freestyle over one of my productions. Nate went in, I did a light 1-take freestyle. Niceee.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Deaux Boyz

Hollywood Trippin' vol.1 : Live from Sycamore

Finally, the release of the first installment of my Hollywood Trippin 4 part series; Live from Sycamore.
Completely produced, recorded, engineered by me. Recorded live from Sycamore Avenue in Hollywood, CA. I bring to you stories of life. Beyond rhyming words to dope beats, I'm giving listeners a peek inside my life with these Hollywood Trippin' projects.

-Track overview-
In The World : Story behind 'In the World'... at the time I was going thru a few transitions; from dealing with family from states away, issues with continuing school because of money being tight, as well as dealing with people in my ear talking about signing me to labels etc. So i took to the Logic Pro and dug thru samples and found this. I laid the track in about an hour (beat and song).

Been There : This song comes from a couple of different stories. I actually created the beat while on vacation back in Denver, with a LaRoux sample. I sat on the beat for a couple weeks until i arrived back in Los Angeles. It was right before NYE and I was home alone talkin to a chic on BBM, and she was telling me about how she went out to some club and who all was there. She was telling me she doesn't really like the club scene but its what pays. Thus the first verse was born. I embellished a little more into her story. The second verse came from an occurrence that happened while I was back in Denver. I took pieces of the event and molded it into the second verse to finish out the song. When I make music I like to paint a visual.

Beautiful Life : I dug deep back into my past for this record. I was in the process of making the beat, wasn't sure what direction I wanted to go with it so I was making a more live sounding track, and half-way thru I got the idea to combine stories from the past; because I hadn't really reflected back on my past or let the listeners in to that part of my life. So I got to writing lyrics for it and the ideas just kept flowing, thus 'Beautiful Life'. I called it Beautiful Life because I've had a great life so far, but there's things that weren't so beautiful in my past and I wasn't glorifying them I was kind of laughing and making fun of how I was in my younger years.

Inspiration : Song came to me one day talking to my good friend Aprille, trying to convince her that she's inspired a lot of my music. So I went ahead and wrote another and put it out there blatantly haha. So the first verse of the song is solely about her. The 2nd verse is actually about marijuana lol. I formed the words together as if I was talking about a woman though.

Tough Luck Kid : Started this track out with the production. I was listening to Kid Cudi and admired his production and what I like to do when I produce is listen to dope artists and their production for inspiration. I laced a rough of the beat, and got straight to writing. I had a lot on my mind that day about all the bullshit that surrounds the music industry and all the bullshit I'm continuously fed by my 'Connects' in my corner. Words speak for themselves; felt like the title empowers the track as well because its somewhat of a brush off term to use when people come to you with their problems "Tough luck kid"

Brooks Flow : Concept came after I watched the movie 'Mr.Brooks'. I had an idea of trying to create a song based on movies I watch / watched. So if you've seen that movie, you can probably keep up with the jargon used on the song. Not saying I kill people though lol. It's all a metaphor for how I kill songs, and how i'm a musical genius and thats dangerous for competition.

If Ever : This song was written about a past love / friend of mine, won't give out her name... but she knows who she is. She had been on my mind a lot during the recording period of this project, and I never really told her, or ended it on a good note with her, and I wished I had. So me being me, I took to song. Made the beat with a real love interlude feel to it, even sampling her voice from a macbook video on my laptop to put at the beginning of the record (hope she aint too mad about that lol). I showed her the song, and she loved it; BUT i'll never forget that she told me she wished I would have told her all that 3 years-ago...Damn, my bad for slackin, but its out there now.

RoL (Realities of Life) : The concept of this is all based around the job I was working for at the time. It was a sales driven job as well a typical 9-5; which if you know me, you know I've never done a typical 9-5 before. I've only had 3 jobs in my life actually. But the job was such bullshit lol. So i took out my frustration with the job in music. Dug for a good sample for it, flipped it and thus 'RoL' came about. Realities of my Life.

Monday, January 10, 2011

NEW YEARS update

Happy New Year all. Just checcN in, a lot of things in the works for the year. Can't go into many details. But know there's plenty of new music coming out from me this year. If you've been following my tweets or FB page, you know I have 3 projects lined up for first and 2nd quarter (my Hollywood Trippin' series). These projects have no set release but they are all FINISHED, with the exception of 'Live from Sycamore Av3' which is in its final stages. Along with my solo projects, this year i'll be releasing projects with 'The Deaux Boyz' 'ThatboyTazzy' as well doing production. The grind don't stop. Don't sleep on me this year.

Friday, December 24, 2010

NEW beat

Another late night/early morning. Downloaded Rick Ross' new mixtape 'Ashes to Ashes' got some inspiration for some production, decided to cook up a beat and this is what i came up with.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Babygirl v2 Taz feat. Rick Jewelz

Late night in downtown LA me and the homie Taz James was stoned in the lab before my trip bacc to the co (Colorado); cooked up this jam for his upcoming project. Tell them girls 'Shake that @$$ B!tc#, for the cash b!tc#!' lol. ENJOY!